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    Callaway Golf Clubs

    We Supply a Wide Range of Callaway Golf Clubs

    If you’ve ever entered a golf retail store or watched professional golf on television, there’s no doubt that you’ve come across Callaway golf clubs. The brand is one of the most popular in the world of golf that supports and drives professional golfer Phil Mickelson. If you’ve just started playing golf for fun and want to take your game to another level, you should consider investing in a Callaway golf set. As a reputable, premium golf retailer, Golf Paradise Terrey Hills stocks all types of Callaway equipment in our online store.

    Why You Should Purchase Callaway Golf Clubs for Sale

    Callaway has provided some of the most in-demand products in the market because of its aesthetics as well as performance for both novice and professional players. Their golf clubs possess new technology and innovation that can help players improve their game and increase their chance of winning.

    • The first piece of technology that Callaway clubs sport is the Hyperbolic Face Technology which offers a thicker face of the club to assist you with increasing the impact on the golf ball. Since these clubs have a broader hitting area, it drastically reduces your chances of failing.
    • Callaway introduces VFT technology to its wood and iron faces. Wooden faces are thicker with thin edges that allow you to transfer more energy into the club and the ball. Iron faces have a lower sense of gravity, which improves your trajectory.
    • S2H2 technology in Callaway clubs refers to short, straight, hollow, hosel, which was in place since 1988 and is one of the primary reasons that Callaway is in high demand. The idea here is to shorten the hosel length to allow you to transfer the weight of the club lower and have more area for the head.

    Tips for Selecting a Callaway Golf Bag

    You’re now aware of the modern technology that awaits you in a Callaway driver|. However, Callaway is a brand that provides more than clubs and golf sets. Other essential accessories such as a Callaway golf ball and a golf bag are essential products for golfers of all levels to own. Before you purchase a bag, follow these tips to identify the ideal option:

    • Bear in mind that a golf bag is crucial for transporting and storing your clubs. Four types of bags exist - the cart bag, the carry bag, the standing bag, and the pushcart and travel bag. The dividers within the bag is an important feature. Since you can’t change the number of dividers later, it’s advisable to have this in mind before you start browsing.
    • Some amateur golfers make the mistake of ignoring the weight of their golf bags. Whether you plan on carrying the bag on your back or shoulder, you need to ensure that it’s not too heavy. Additionally, even if you are using a cart, you have to lift the bag at some point. Bear in mind that you will fill the bag with your golf clubs, adding to the weight. For this reason, make sure your golf bag is fairly light, with the rule of thumb being about 2,5kg.
    • Take a look at the number of pockets you have available in the bag, as you’d require these for non-golfing items such as your car keys, wallet, and other personal belongings.

    What You Gain By Selecting Golf Paradise Terrey Hills

    Golfers across Australia can have one focal point for all golfing equipment and accessories. We are the premium golf retailer that offers a convenient online shopping experience. We’ll deliver your package directly to you anywhere in Australia and will do it for free on orders over A$100.

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