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    XXIO Driver

    Golf Paradise Terrey Hills: Get Your XXIO Driver Today

    No golf set is complete without an XXIO driver. Widely hailed among enthusiasts of the sport, XXIO’s Twelve range offers fantastic bang for your buck, ideal for seasoned professionals and amateurs alike.

    Whether you are a professional golfer looking for something new, or an amateur wanting to reach that next handicap level, XXIO offers a range of lightweight, technologically advanced, highly refined clubs. The range is renowned for being very forgiving, helping to improve your distance and accuracy. We offer the full complement of XXIO golf clubs in our convenient online store.

    The XXIO Golf Difference

    We’re always on the lookout for the tools that will enable us to better ourselves as golfers. The XXIO Twelve range does exactly that. If you are a golfer with a moderate speed swing, the XXIO range is sure to make the game easier, starting with the admiring stares of your fellow players at the sleek, good looks and superior playability of these clubs.

    • Both the XXIO irons and drivers are some of the best looking clubs around today. The XXIO Twelve range is much lighter than their previous range, yet surprisingly, it offers much-improved swing control. The face feels soft, which attributes to the overall higher forgiveness of the range. Just get the ball on the face somewhere, and it goes much better than expected, even on bum shots.
    • The new XXIO range employs several new technologies that contribute to a better launch off the face and on mis-hits, increased forgiveness, ball speed, and better accuracy. Finally, there is nothing quite like the sound of the XXIO range. When you hit the ball, the satisfying loud crack really makes you feel like you smashed the shot.
    • New technologies include a driver star frame that creates an ultra-supportive rib structure, a thin sole for better weight distribution, and a variable thickness cup face. In irons, new technologies include a hot-forged faceplate, double undercut cavity, a tungsten sole weight for added stability, and Weight Plus technology under the grip to improve swing speed.

    Why Choose Golf Paradise Terrey Hills for Your XXIO Ladies Golf Clubs?

    Buying golf equipment and accessories could not be any easier than buying with us. Our convenient online store features an extensive range of products from the world’s top manufacturers at highly competitive prices.

    • Get everything you need in one place. Take your time and browse our extensive catalogue at your leisure from the comfort of your home or office before deciding on the products that are best suited to you.
    • Payment is simple and safe. Our payment portal is entirely secure, so you can rest assured of your safety when transacting with us.
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    Golf Paradise Terrey Hills aims to be Australia’s foremost online golf pro shop. We carry the most extensive range of top quality products at competitive prices.

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