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    Golf ball manufacturers have been locked in battle since the emergence of the sport in 15th century Scotland. From humble beginnings, the manufacture of golf balls has become a highly specialised industry, each manufacturer trying to outdo the other to create the top-performing golf balls.

    Without fail, the one product every golfer uses with every shot is a golf ball. We offer a wide range of top quality golf balls for sale. We stock all the top professional ranges from the most prestigious international brands. Whether you are looking for maximum hang time, increased backspin ability, or just a better ‘feel’ when connecting with the ball, we have a golf ball that will suit your playing style and handicap to a tee.

    What to Look for in Golf Balls for Sale

    While some argue that the golf ball you use makes very little difference as you progress in handicap, the consensus is that different balls work best for different conditions. As your skill on the golf course increases, you should be able to better use the features of the specific ball that you choose.

    • Modern balls come in three main types: Two-piece balls consisting of a core and a cover for golfers who are after maximum distance, wound golf balls that allow better backspin and ‘feel’, and multi-layered balls that offer a combination of both. All the top manufacturers have their versions of each. The most popular ball by far is the Titleist golf ball, with nearly 70% of the top 100 PGA players in its stable.
    • The higher the compression rate, the longer the travel capability of the ball. Golf balls generally come in either 80, 90, or 100 compression rates. Then again, nothing is simple in golf. On a cold day, or if you have a slower swing, you may achieve better distance using an 80 than a 100 compression ball.
    • Despite popular belief, the dimples on a golf ball do not affect the amount of backspin that a player can impart during a shot. However, it does affect the flying time of the ball and the potential distance that a shot can achieve. These variables are under constant scrutiny as ball manufacturers continue to employ the best engineering minds in the world to achieve optimal flight time.

    What Sets the Titleist Golf Ball Apart?

    The Titleist golf ball is by quite a margin the most popular of all major golf ball brands globally, both among the world’s top professionals and amateurs. With modern golf ball development being as advanced as it is, we would not dare comment on whether this is merely a fashionable fad or whether this reputation is truly deserved.

    • Titleist has long held the title as the best golf ball in the business, consistently used by more PGA players than all the other major brands combined.
    • Titleist’s most famous golf balls are the Titleist Pro V1 and Titleist Pro V1X, preferred by 69% of the top 100 PGA players.
    • Titleist manufactures a golf ball for every playing style and condition. The Titleist AVX completes the range, which covers optimal flight time, increased backspin capability, and increased ‘feel’.

    Why Choose Us for Golf Balls for Sale?

    We stock the widest variety of top quality golf balls from the world’s leading manufacturers, all conveniently under one digital roof.

    Don’t hesitate to contact us for all your golfing supplies and equipment.

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